October collection Pt. 3

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back with a cat

due to lots of hojskole work, moving back home, finding a job and generally getting life sorted out, i unfortunately had to put this blog on a hiatus. but now that my first month of art classes is almost over, i figured it’s a good opportunity to fire it up again. i plan on continuing this blog as a documentation diary, to keep an overview of my work and, hopefully, track of my progress. i’m just finishing up preparing my most interesting worspieces from this month for uploading – in the meanwhile, here is my cat in all her grumpy glory.


project 7: surface design

working with fabric for a change! plastic fabric, to be exact, or polyester, to give it another name. it was wrapped around objects and sticks or folded between papers, then steam-cooked for an hour. the result is strongely deformed pieces of cloth that can be used in interesting new ways.

inspiration for my final project was taken from the paintings of diego velasquez. the stiff, “sewn-in” women of the baroque period seem to be completely unable to move, walk, or just breathe. so i tool a comfortable, strechy black dress, and set about making it uncomfortable, impractical and constricting.

i bought a cheap dress from h&m and cut into it at the shoulder and the hip, then extended the newly created space with wire-crinolines in odd shapes.
my chosen fabric was white organza, because i wanted to dye it in blue, green and yellow. this is did using special heat-activated colours, which were first painted onto paper, then transferred to the cloth via heat-press.
then i wrapped syrofoam balls in various sizes in the cloth, steaming it for an hour. this was a very long process, as i could only work in squares of 40 x 40 centimeters, and i had a little over 2 meters of organza to go through. the result, however, was worth it!

i applied the deformed patches onto the crinolines, sewing freehand because the cloth was very bouncy and needed to be kept loose. the wires were not covered up completely, to show off the structure underneath.
furthermore i cut out the neckline to make it wider, and added wires around the midsection to reference a corset.

i spend quite a few nights on this project, and am very glad i did. to my surprise, i was even able to put it on without scratching myself bloody.